Privacy Policy

Our ‘Quick Home Décor’ team is primly responsible for operating the and this privacy policy guidelines basically inform you about the usage of our website and sharing and usage of the information which we collect through various means from you when you navigate through our website.

Privacy policies which we display here can change accordingly by our personal consent, you would get the regular updates of change in the top section, so we firmly expect you to go through these updates guidelines from time to time.

Conduct of Use of information

We purposely collect your personal information such as your name, email to make it easier for us to identify you when you use our website. The personal information which we acquire through you is maintained in a private database for our own motive to create a better experience for you. We entirely maintain a certain level of privacy for the information source as we fully respect our reader’s personal concern.

Unidentified information collected by us

When you come to our website page, IP address information is basically one of the important anonymous data which all visitors drop in our website and again that is completely for the security and marketing concerns. We hold utmost privacy for Additional anonymous data which we collect such as the browser, Country location, Traffic resources such direct or referral, Device information, we don’t intend to or would never disclose this data publicly.

Registration/Subscription for services

Personal details which you have to fill up in the subscription form are completely used to notify our readers our regular RSS feeds and latest updates. By providing this subscription service we aim to make it better for our readers to reach out to our newest updates and RSS feed posts. You will be required to provide your name, mail id, phone number for our subscription letter.

Termination of subscription plans

Anytime you would want to discontinue our subscription plan you can choose preferences from your registered account. If you would also like to stop receiving emails or other communicational things through emails you can anytime unsubscribe to our services.

Third party feature

Things such as social media buttons and widgets are included in these third-party features, if you use our social media buttons on our website to like or share our content, your name, and IP address, visitor pages are some of the details which would be displayed.

Third party advertising

We tend to display various third-party website advertises on our sites for promotional purposes. These websites could collect your nonpersonal information through your browser to market their products or services.

Modification/ Removing your personal information

You can exclude any personal information from us as per your convenience. Anytime you feel a need for deleting or modifying personal information you can straightly choose to notify us about the changes you wish here.

If you have further doubts about our privacy policy, you can get connected with us through