Feng Shui Plants That Make the Best House Plants to Draw More Wealth To Your Home!


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Indoor plants

Feng Shui Plants That Draw More Wealth & Prosperity

Visually appealing plants at home indoors have been adding the effect of air-purity, lightheartedness, positivity in the home environment for many years. Plants, whether indoor or outdoor, are essential to articulate the naturalness of any space. However, there are some feng-shui plants that fulfill the role of decoration purpose as well as they play out as the feng-shui elements that generate wealth chi (energy) in your home.

Indoor plants
Feng shui plants

Planting the auspicious plants that radiate the positive vibrations can help you get rid of negative energy in your home and spread more auspiciousness. Discover these indoor plants in this article, and place these plants in your home to draw more wealth to your home!

Lucky Bamboo (Bambusa Vulgaris)

Lucky bamboo plant

Lucky bamboo is the best option to incorporate for indoor plantation! This plant brings positive energies and auspiciousness with it, it can also balance out the good luck chi of your home.  The lucky bamboo speaks of the essential 5 elements of nature, to gain its maximum benefits place it your wealth corner of a home. Lucky bamboos are much helpful to bring high vibrations that can further help you attract more abundance and success in life.

Jade Plants

Jade plant

These tiny beautiful plants basically belong to the Succulents category, they consist of dark green heart-shaped leaves, it’s a common practice in feng-shui to keep jade plants in office or workspace as they stand for financial luck and reflect wealth by their unique coin design shape! These plants have the potential of attracting a consistent abundance of energy. The ideal corner to place this plant is the southeast quadrant of your office or home space as this corner stands for wealth and abundance.

Peace Lily

Peace lily

As described by their name, these plants can spread the air of serene and tranquil quality in your home. Peace lilies can purify the atmosphere and air of the space it is placed in. These plants can also grow beautiful white flowers, those take quite a long time to bloom but look very regal in appearance. It is commonly believed that peace lilies bring more good luck and prosperity to your home as well as they consummate the role of décor purpose too.

Money Plant

Money plant

Money plants use for indoor décor is quite popular in feng-shui, These climber plants can be grown anywhere, where they can absorb at least a slight amount of sunlight directly. Money plant possesses vibrations of positive energies and it is firmly believed that it can bring more prosperity to your home, However, these elegant climber plants should be certainly avoided for some corners of your home i.e northeast direction, as its commonly held belief that placing money plant in this direction can contribute to loss of wealth & adversely affect the health of the occupants of house.

African Violets

African violet flowers

African violets are elegant and beautiful flowering plants that have the potential to raise-up money and love the energy of your home, Moreover, they also help in diminishing the negative vibrations of any space. It also possesses one exceptional benefit of healing the empaths & energy-sensitive people from the excessively absorbed negative energy of others, which makes it an ideal indoor plant to place in personal spaces.

Bedroom Feng Shui Plants

Feng shui is the symbol of luck, positivity and good vibes. It is generally said or believed that keeping feng shui at home brings happiness. East and south-east areas are the best areas to decorate or place feng shui plants. Beautiful plants can serve as a strong, powerful feng shui at homes.

There are totally opposite views when you think about keeping plants in the bedroom for a feng shui purpose. But keeping aside other views having plants in the bedroom is a good feng shui, scientifically also it gives positive points. They remove the carbon dioxide and purify the air and make the environment clean and fresh and welcome the positivity and purity to the room.

The best corner or area to place a feng shui plant in the bedroom is east and south-east. Generally, avoid the north side area, it affects badly and brings bad vibes in the room.

The best plants for the bedroom are rosemary, peace lily, aloe Vera, lavender, etc.


Lavender has a soothing smell. Keeping the lavender plants in the bedroom makes you inhale the soothing scent and gives you a sweet night sleep.

Rosemary has a strong aroma that can reduce stress and anxiety and make you sleep more peacefully.

The peace lily is a beautiful flower plant. It is loved for its grace and easy care. It reduces microbes in the air and relieves from allergy problems so that you can have a calm smooth sleep.

Aloe Vera has the power to heal burns and rashes and it gives a better air quality. It gives the best oxygen rise in the night and helps in better sleep.

Keeping plants in the bedroom is a good idea as it boosts up your mood and changes the environment more peaceful. Also, it looks beautiful and makes the room feel more natural. There are also some plants which bring luck to the room such as palm, money plant, etc.

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