The 5 Lovely Bohemian Style Decor Ideas To Enhance Patio Space

Patio Space

Bohemian style is full of life, colours, culture and for many of them, it is like being close to nature. It is all about exploring the choice of its followers. If you are looking for a style which feels completely yours then Boho is the one. This style has no restrictions and you have the freedom to design by choosing your own colours, objects, patterns according to your liking. The major advantage of Bohemian decor is space feels carefree, relaxed and unusual of course! So, when you are thinking of enhancing your patio space then Boho is your ultimate call. We are sure your patio will definitely look more delicate and mesmerizing with the bohemian style. But before you look into the ideas there are some basics you should know about it.

Add The Splash Of Vibrant Colours

Traditionally Boho is very vibrant and colourful. Therefore you can incorporate bright colours as much as you want. Also if you are a person who has a total no for bright colours then you can select neutral shades like white, off-white, cream, tan, beige etc which are quite in trend now. You can also use black to add some extra boldness.

Here we present you 5 fascinating ideas to design your patio quite well.

Pergola Fairy Lights Patio

Fairy lights

An outdoor sitting area with a classic stone fireplace and tiles of the same stone. Dark blue metal chairs surrounding the fireplace. Classic wooden pergola covered with tea lights. Potted plants covering the corners of the patio with light coloured upholstery on the couches.

Hanging Lights Boho Space

Lights Decor

A neutral boho patio with white pergola. Hanging lanterns over it with a woven white hammock adorned with printed rugs, pillows. A classic wooden box with white candles and candle holders surrounded with green potted plants.

Coloured Patio

Colored Patio

A Boho patio with mesh wooden pergola covered with multicoloured fairy lights.  Wooden bench with burgundy coloured upholstery and the same coloured wooden coffee table with a flower vase. Bright coloured rug and printed pillows. Blue metal chairs with the cushions of the same colour. Potted green plants covering the whole area.

Boho Chic Patio

Boho chic patio

A colourful boho patio surrounded by greenery. Bright and printed rug, light chocolate brown and white ottoman, with mild coloured upholstery. Couches decorated with printed and striped pillows. Dark polished wooden coffee table with a vase of colourful flowers.

Patio Covered With Plants

Patio By Plants

A natural boho patio including white L sofa with a dark brown ottoman in the middle.  Bright printed and striped pillows adorning the couch. Woven light-coloured rug, white ottomans, traditional metal candle holders and a traditional lantern.

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