Easy Outdoor Christmas Decoration Ideas


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Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas

Wow!!! Christmas is here what an amazing holiday season has arrived to blink up your minds with beautiful creative home décor ideas! Get set go….
So what are you thinking to use for this Christmas holidays??? Something new something interesting what say? Let’s do some creative decoration this year!! As Christmas is the festival commemorating the birth of Jesus Christ, it is the religious and cultural celebration of Christians. It is the celebration of joy and happiness, so people decorate their homes with beautiful lights and other attractive elements.
Now let’s go ahead with some creative decoration ideas for indoor as well as outdoor for Christmas celebration. Outdoor Christmas decorations are not as difficult as some individuals believe it. Outdoor Christmas decoration is easy to do with many materials you found around your surroundings…
Looking for some new ways to decorate your lawn, garden, front porch, stairways, and courtyards? Here you will find the collection of numerous innovative suggestions and ideas, homemade decorations for your inspiration.


There is plenty of cherished style to make your Christmas tree come to life and create a look. You can decorate your tree with glittery ornaments, red ribbons, bells, etc. this is how you generally decorate Christmas tree. You can have this tree in indoor as well as outdoor. Have a look on following Christmas tree decoration ideas!
But also you can give a vintage look to your Christmas tree by putting cotton balls over it to show snow fall have some copper color ornaments and ribbon to give it the perfect look. Mostly play with color coordination is what all attracts your eyes.

You can also put craft homemade citrus ornaments and pair them with twinkling lights make it a cozy tree. Put the yellow lightings over it and red twinkling stars also make it look beautiful.

You can decorate the tree with heavy ornaments; cranberry garland and clip on candlesticks make it look traditional. Also put colorful balls and the saying that children believe that Santa brings gifts so arrange the gift boxes wrapped in colorful papers around the tree.

Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas For Trees


Your Christmas porch decorations are the first thing that your guest will see when they will visit your homes. That should be the best decoration which will attract your guest and make your homes look inviting, so of course you want to make a great first impression over them.
1. We can use the pre-lit, cordless greenery that’s very easy, simple and sophisticated way of decoration. No ornaments and no ribbons, just simple green garland decoration, so it’s perfect and no cords to plug in. You can try this frosted winter greenery and shooting stars.

2. As it is winter you can bring that magic to your Christmas porch by snowy decoration. Put the cotton balls over trees and bushes in your porch even in your garden area to give a look of snow fall. And hang some white lights over trees and bushes to light in the evening. And give a perfect winter snowy Christmas night scene.

3. You can put the small Christmas trees all over the side of stairways and decorate it with silver and red ribbons and stars. It also makes your porch and entryway look green all around and the silver ribbon shines in the night time.

4. A Christmas porch crafted with weaves pinecones and poinsettias into classic unadorned garlands and the wreaths hanging from the window lintels gives a uniform feeling. It shows the front façade unique and uniform.


Using wooden décor in outdoor would be the brilliant idea of decoration, outdoor wooden décor will not only give a rustic, funny look for the homes but it’s absolutely incredibly easy way to execute. Whether you have some old plywood lying around or even some thin branches of trees you can do some interesting things out of it. Also, you can make a wooden Christmas tree fully decorated with lights.


Homemade crafts are the best way to decorate the homes and outdoors at any festival. Lights are the easiest element used in decorating to light up the entire decoration.
1. You can use the beautifully shaped wine bottles to decorate your entryway. Put the lighting series in the bottle and put on both ends of the stairs. It creates a beautiful entryway to the home. In the same way you can hang those wine bottles in the doorway up-down, which plays a role of beautiful hanging at the entrance.

2. There are brilliantly vivid Christmas lights which surely brighten up the Christmas night! Use an oversized Christmas ornaments and hangs them from trees for a colorful look that people get attracted to. Pair these magical balls with some pretty great Christmas lights to get an amazing Christmas scene live.

3. Use the old bulb to decorate it with glitter and pen and keep it inverted to use it as a candle stand. It looks so amazing at night when you lit a candle the artwork done on the bulb shines and due to candle also the shadow of the design comes around. Also you can hang this bulb on trees.

4. You can just simply hang the lighting series over the building and trees, the lights can be plain white or yellow colored or it can also be multicolored. Also, you can put these lighting series at the edges of the building top at terrace also.

5. Taking a cue from classic decoration, feature the festive front door with light wrapped columns with a classic wreath to tie the look together better.

6. Spheres of grapevines wrapped in lights become shimmering orbs on the snowy land. Place these magical balls on stair steps to cast an ethereal glow on your outdoor landscape.

Christmas Lights Decorations Outdoor Ideas


You can create a beautiful corner at outdoor as well as in indoor. It can have some small potted planters, even small cut Christmas trees having bells and other decoration. Keep the décor elegant by utilizing a corner just for your pretty things, like Santa caps hanged over trees, also boots having gift stuffed, the Christmas colorful sticks and all the kids need is gift boxes arranged around the planters wrapped with colorful papers.
You can use the wooden ladder at the corner and hand the baubles and Santa caps over it. And then give it a shining touch by hanging colorful lighting around the ladder.


Adding some greenery underneath and putting the giant, oversized baubles on top is a simple yet elegant way to add some decorative elements to the outdoor of the house. The holy garland, adding greenery into any scene will definitely give off that Christmas feels without overpowering with lights. But anyways greenery also looks good with lightings interwoven into it, but not necessary, you can keep it simple and natural without lights.
You can turn your dormant window planters into decoration space by planting hardy small shrubs until spring arrives. And simple wire stars and white lights add festive glow to this outdoor Christmas decoration.
If you have an extended portion in front of a window covered with sloping change which we call a bay window so you can give a perfect winter snowfall look to the window by putting snow cotton balls over the sloping roof and white colored lighting tangled between it, and some part of lighting falling down from the roof.
Also, as bay window has a small cozy sitting arrangement from inside you can put colorful lighting and there can create a small fire element.


What all kids imagine in Christmas is Santa clause so you can keep a cartoon puffy Santa at the door side, with his bag full of gifts. One more element which you can add to your décor is deer. These gorgeous wicker lit-up deer are the perfect elements to add into your decor. They are elegant on their own you can place them in the archway or entryway.
Our most festive front door can start with a faux white reindeer surrounded by green leaves and branches. Anchor this wreath with a neutral ribbon and pops of bright red and green berries.

Christmas Tree Decoration Items


You can keep the long cylindrical vase at the doorways and put colorful stones and balls in it and roll the lighting series around it to give a simple but fantastic look, also if you want to give it a winter snowy look you can fill up the glass cylinders with cotton balls and some colorful cotton balls mixed to make it a light elegant décor at the doorway. You can put some floor lamps around it.
The full luxurious mix of cascading greenery can be hung above your front door for an arboreal, rich Christmas look.
You can use glass cylinders in various sizes into miniature Christmas luminaries. Place a cranberry-red candle inside each cylinder, filling the space between the glass and candle with miniature red and silver ornaments. Set it on top of the planters outdoors for instant festive spirit.
Cranberry luminaries this inexpensive outdoor Christmas idea is a cinch to execute. Simply layer up a glass vase with a cotton ball and real cranberries put a pillar candle in it. And align these beautiful luminaries all your walkways it will give a pretty look to your entrance.


All the wooden décor and green elements makes the house front look absolutely gorgeous and simple. Your house is definitely ready without having those typical decorative elements such as Christmas characters, tinsels, etc. it’s gorgeous in its simplicity and is a look that is easily achievable.
Your outdoor fireplace also deserves the treatment and decoration. The deck is out with garlands, then place a bowl of fruits and candy near it for a color pop.
To give a rustic, raw look to the decoration we can hang the Christmas bells and the other Christmas decoration elements with a raw rope.
A pair of sheepskin- covered moose-antler chairs surrounded around an outdoor fireplace lush with pine gives a full winter season Christmas look.
To create a rustic dried orange and cinnamon garland to decorate the colonial theme porch. The pop of red apples in this décor will increase the grace in look.


It would be an incomplete Christmas celebration without all the candy everywhere! You can easily use this candy as your decorative elements into the scene because candy is really beautiful and will really catch the attention of the guest especially small kids. Candy canes placed in an elegant glass jar kept over a dining table or decorated in dish and kept over center table also becomes the part of the decoration.
Taking classic Christmas candy and fill a white planter with decorative candy canes for a unique decorating ideas.

Christmas Candy Sticks


1. You can hang the colorful ball at entryways at uneven heights to make it look interesting. You can roll up the garland around the columns at the porch and lights interconnected in it. Wreaths and swags are favorite essentials in outdoor Christmas decoration. Generally put these wreaths on the door. Christmas swag can also be used to decorate outdoor lanterns, mailboxes, and railings. You can also roll up the garland around the railings.

2. Painted Christmas wood signs are so charming and great for small spaces outdoors. Wooden lanterns filled with Christmas ornaments, or gift boxes tied up with ribbons are a few of the favorite decoration elements which you can put to make your outdoor look full charismas scene.


You can create a beautiful open outdoor dining in your garden area. Keep the wooden bench to give some rustic look and decorate a dining table with green garland and lighting keep the beautiful candle stand on the table. You can also put the beautiful table lamp over it and enjoy the Christmas night candle light dinner. It would be the best part of the Christmas celebration.

Christmas Dining Table Decor


If you have your backyard lush with pine trees, then put some lighting series over it, throw some large bulb lights for a twinkly dose of festivity.
You can also give your backyard a winter festive look by throwing some snowy cotton balls to show the snow fall.


You can add some greenery to your outdoor planters in the front yard as well as backyard and in garden area too for a festive bright entrance. As it is Christmas you can use a mix of pinecones, berries, cherries and evergreen springs.


You can do some innovative and imaginative fire decoration and light up your winter nights!! Lay the coiled lighting series strands on top of the soil, then insert branches and dried weeds to create a bush like appearance, and then lit up the lights it look so amazing in the night time.

Christmas Fire Decoration


You can use the old steel or aluminum buckets painted colorful as a container for small planters. Grow the small pinecone planters in it. Top the Pinecone with a faux-cardinal for eye catching impact. Also a blue star juniper creates a striking combination of natural elements.


Our letter boxes remain blank, waiting for some creative makeover to be done and what better time you may find when Christmas is on the way!!
You can decorate your message box with Santa caps and green garland. Also, you can show some snowfall over the post box.
One more idea of the message box is you can create your very own customized message box like you can hang the Santa sack at your doorway to drop the Santa messages, or you can hang the boots in the doorway. Something creative, something unique.
The best creation you can do is make your own wooden mailbox with plywood and paint it with bright colors and hang some jingle bells over it and for more sparkle can put lighting strings on it.


White twigs rising from a mound of potted plants, making a small container standing tall. Snowy white branches lend a striking profile and contrast with a festive red pot. Add some shimmery red ornaments and natural pinecones into the greenery for a colorful and textural impact. A faux bird resting on a branch injects a bit of whimsy.

Outdoor Christmas Ideas


As it the winter festival, snow fall décor in mandatory!! You can use snowflakes shaped lightings hung on the planters mainly on the Christmas trees and outdoor palm trees.
Also you can hang this beautiful snowflake series on the door entry and roll it around the railing of the staircase and the porch.

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