How Feng Shui Tips Can Help You Attract Your Soulmate With Feng Shui Love Corner!


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When it comes to the matter of heart, everyone is in a constant quest to improve their love-life. There won’t be even a single fellow in this world who would not want the love of his life aka soulmate, after-all your soulmate is the one who adds up a splash of colour in your mediocre day to day life and makes your life worth living!


You would find many remedies and tips that ensure to consummate your need of love but very few are those that really work, certainly, all the remedies should be backed up by the concept of balancing out the energies and aura of the person. In Feng-shui we have a firm practise of healing the energies in the love-sector of person’s home, when such positive vibrations are generated in this sector it alters the person’s aura and environment that eventually attracts better match for him.
By working out on some simple Feng-Shui tips you can effectively activate the love-sector of your home and attract a suitable person for you. Whether you are single or married, these feng shui tips can even help you attract more romance into your life effortlessly.

Embrace The South-West Corner of Your Room to Attract More Romance


In Feng-shui, the south-west sector is dominated by all matters of heart, love, marriage, romance and all facets relevant to love-life are controlled by the south-west corner of the room. It does not matter if you are striving to improve your existing marriage or want to attract a new partner, you can always prefer to embrace this sector of your room by including various items and metaphors that activate the love energy.

Light Up The South-West Corner With Help of Earth Element

Ceramic pots

Earth is the primal element of the south-west corner, and what more! It can be well enhanced with the help of fire! This makes the south-west corner ideal for items like ceramic pots, clay pots, earthen lamp pots. It is a common practice in feng shui to light up the earthen pots and lamps with oil to mix up the fire energy with earth energy to amplify the idea of duality i.e symbolic number for the south-west corner.

Earthen pots

Increase Your Love Luck With These Romantic Feng Shui Symbols

Rose Quartz or Rhodochrosite Stone Art Pieces:

Rose quartz

Some healing stones carry the vibration of love and romance, The delicate and romantic energies of rose quartz and rhodochrosite are believed to attract more romance in your life. Rose quartz and rhodochrosite stone can effectively heal the heart chakra imbalance and can evoke the qualities of unconditional love in your life, When such Art pieces are kept in the southwest sector they can very well play out the role of lucky charm to attract more love.

Piece of Mandarin Ducks or Swans:

Mandarin ducks pair

Make use of elegant showpieces of mandarin ducks and swans. In feng shui, the quantity of such showpieces is always two as number two vibrates with the energy of relations, unity and commitment in feng shui. When using this remedy do not expect to attract new relationship the next day, Always inspire the use of showpieces that depict a couple and experience the shift in energy!

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