11 Ideas to Set Up Eco-Friendly Home Office Decor


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In this day and time, we are all busy trying to make our homes look and feel as lush and comfortable as possible. However, not all of us give due attention to how we can make our homes environmentally friendly. While eco-friendly practices should be implemented everywhere, let’s start with a room where you spend a lot of your day- your home office.

Natural Lighting

There is nothing better than sunlight to begin your day. When the sun seeps through your windows and wakes you up, it’s one of the best feelings in the world. Moreover, the sun has Vitamin D, essential for your health. Therefore, make it a point to illuminate your office with sunlight during the day rather than consuming electricity.
It will keep your electricity bill down and also give the environment a much-needed boost by saving resources.

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Recycle and Refurbish Furniture

One of the best ways to be eco-friendly is to recycle and reuse furniture rather than throwing it away. On the other hand, you can invest in durable office furniture rather than buying stuff made of questionable material and horrible quality.
Try to use the wood in old bookshelves that you aren’t using anymore to make a nice desk. If you are going to add plastic to the room, make sure you use items made of recycled plastic (and don’t forget to recycle it after you are done with it too).

Plants add Quality

The air quality is also important and as we know, planting a tree is one of the most common eco-friendly things to do. You can’t plant a tree in your office but you can definitely adorn your office with plenty of indoor plants. They will definitely improve the atmosphere and give your energy levels a boost.
Try hanging plants, small herb gardens, and English ivy.

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Small is Better

When you are building your home office, the first thing you will decide is the location and how much space you want to take. If you want to reduce your environmental impact, go for a smaller more compact office. The more spread out you are, the more machinery you will use and the more waste you will produce.
Try to keep a minimum of supplies and perhaps a few feet of space to work in. It will also be easier to clean up after yourself which will definitely be a plus point for the environment.

Your Walls can be Used

As mentioned before, there is no need to clutter up your office with bookshelves and tables, a lot of these pieces are made of unrecyclable plastic. You can use old pieces of wood, polish them up a bit or keep them in their original rusty form and install them on your wall to serve as bookshelves or to hold extra supplies instead of tables. Use this home office wall decor idea without spending a lot of money. This way you also recycle wood and lead to less wastage while making the most of already available resources.

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Use an Energy Strip

An extension wire strip that you can stick multiple plugs into is the most efficient way to use electricity and ensure you control power usage instead of plugging multiple devices into separate wall outlets.
This will also help you switch off your laptop charger when needed with the rest of your unused appliances. You might otherwise forget to do so and this can also affect laptop performance.

No Need for Paper

Paper is sort of old-fashioned and coming from an environmental perspective, also uses a valuable resource- trees! Although paper is easily recyclable, it is best to minimize use. Try to keep a digital record of everything rather than jotting it down on paper. Of course, you may miss the traditional paper and pen approach at times, and it’s okay to keep a notepad for brainstorming or something of the sort. Nevertheless, ensure that paper is not used unnecessarily.

Motion Detectors for Lights

During later hours, use fluorescent lights to save up on energy and install motion detectors for your lights to automatically come on and go off. When you are in a hurry or busy running around getting several parts of a project together, you may forget to turn off a few of the lights.
However, if you have motion detectors, they automatically detect when someone is in a room and when they have left it, and adjust the lights accordingly. This keeps energy levels in check and is an eco-friendly and electricity bill-friendly strategy.
Motion detectors are not very expensive either.

Paint it Proper

Something you may have completely forgotten is that paint has a major effect on the environment. Choose a paint that emits fewer harmful chemicals and is eco-friendly. Not only is this important for the environment, but it is also important because paint fumes have an adverse effect on your health since some paints continue to release harmful chemicals for a long time after use. Ensure you choose a paint that says it is environmentally friendly and void of harmful chemicals.

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Save Water

Water may not have come to mind when thinking about an office but it is important for drinking purposes, for your coffee/tea, and for cleaning purposes. Make sure you use as much as you need and not more.
Keep a spray bottle for cleaning purposes so that you only spray water in small quantities.
For drinking purposes, fill up your glass to only the amount you will consume- preferably half a glass. Place a jug in your office and return any unused water to the fridge at the end of the day. Fill the kettle up with exactly the number of mugs of coffee you are going to consume and no more because you will have to waste any unused water.

Ink Cartridges Need to be Recycled

Empty ink cartridges shouldn’t be thrown out. In fact, it’s ideal to save them in a small box lined with plastic besides the printer. When you have enough in the box, you can send them to be recycled. It is essential to recycle renewable resources rather than waste them unnecessarily.
One of the biggest environmental challenges is the depletion of much-needed resources and it is essential that we all pay attention to this.
Start from your home office and then work your way to a more environmentally friendly lifestyle altogether at home. A little bit can go a long way so it is best to start now!

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