10 Brilliant Wall Decor Ideas for Living Space


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10 Brilliant Wall Decor Ideas for Living Space

Living spaces may be made even more attractive by periodically reorganizing wall décor. So, step back and take a hard look at your living area wall décor to decide what you need to do next when you crave for a change in your surroundings. Whatever be your calling in life, your walls can be personalized so that you are surrounded by the things you love.
Here are 10 brilliant wall décor tips for living room spaces that may have you feeling anew. Whatever be your style these designing tips will transform your walls to proclaim your stylishness. These decorative accents will have you feeling absolutely at home. So do try the following ideas to create the atmosphere that best suits you.

Large-Scale Artwork

large wall art piece
An oversized painting or photograph draws instant attention and sets the benchmark for your penchant for aesthetics. For added emphasis try a stark black-and-white image. But if you like the color then a vivid abstract canvas will be perfect.

Picture Gallery Wall

Wall pictures
This will add loads of character and color to a living space. Similar to a picture gallery you may display your collection of artworks and photographs. You may frame them in a coordinated manner using a simple framework or juxtapose them with ornate frames.

Fabric Wall Art

fabric paintings
A tapestry or fabric wall hanging adds form and design to a blank wall. Fabric art is charming and quaint with its sense of softness. You may display fabric art either framed or unframed depending on size. Consider framing a collage of vintage embroidered pieces.

Wall Mirrors Decoration

Wall mirrors
Hanging mirrors on a wall is a great decoration idea to create space illusions and allow them to reflect light. Mirrors do help in enlarging smaller spaces to make them appear brighter. You may hang one huge mirror or cover the wall to display several smaller pieces.

Painted Murals

painted murals
These are quite the trend now and allow walls to depict exquisite imagery. Painted directly on walls there are endless designing options that usually make a big impact. Another best option to show up the imagination in an extraordinary way by these living room wall decor ideas.

Installing Shelves

wooden shelves
Designer wall shelves in a variety of trends are all the rage. Use them to house books, knick-knacks, small sculptures, or décor items to make the wall look attractive.

Decorative Wall Plates

 wall plates
Ornate plates are a delightful way to decorate living wall spaces. You could use wire plate hangers to prop up fine china dishes or platters to display them to perfection.

Wall Sculpture Art

sculpture art
Delightful sculptured artifacts that may include sconces, candelabras, and brackets besides other artwork pieces for walls will look stylishly wonderful and eye-catching.

Hanging Wall Planters

wall plants
Vertical planters are in vogue and help create a living garden space in your living room. Try installing wall-mounted planters to add a bit of nature and life to your walls.

Woven Handicrafts

You might add woven texture to your walls with macramé wall hangings that have made a comeback. The woven designs add texture and warmth on the walls.
Colored walls, of course, set the tone for living spaces. But they can be made to look special by these delightful additions to enhance your living space, making it appear stylish and happy.

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