7 Small Bedroom Design Ideas to Fall in Love With


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7 Small Bedroom Ideas to Fall in Love With

Smaller bedrooms do pose challenges when it comes to decorating them. Strategic styling is critical for beautifying a small bedroom. Aside from adorning the room you want to pay attention to storage, shelving, and furniture.
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The best bet for small bedrooms is to keep it minimal. Focus on keeping it light and airy with soft colors so that you fall in love with your sanctum sanctorum. Free from clutter floors and clean surface areas ensure the illusion of a larger room. Make note of these 7 design ideas to help you utilize the space to advantage.

Hidden Storage

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Concealed storage is great for keeping your belongings out of sight. Clever storage compartments are wonderful for stacking clothes to keep the room looking tidy. You will just love drawers in a storage bed, a bed-end lift ottoman with storage space or even separate wheeled drawers that slide under beds. Modern storage compartments help in organizing clothes and belongings more efficiently.


Adding appropriate shelving in a small room is another great way to store books, magazines, and other stuff. You may utilize available wall space to install ready-to-hang shelves to display your books and other items.

The Best Bed

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Invest in the best bed that you can afford. Do not hesitate to go for a large bed even if the bedroom is small. Work out other furniture pieces around your statement bed. Whether you go for a storage bed or opt for popping belongings under it, make sure you buy the bed of your dreams that allows you to rest comfortably on it.

Create a Feature Wall

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Go all out for the statement feature wall in your small bedroom. Having wallpaper or paint all over the walls will make you feel cramped. However, if you create a standout wall making a statement it will ensure the room feels spacious. Play around the wall with pictures, paintings, decorations and watch it come alive.

Fitted Furniture

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Over-head fitted wardrobes are an excellent way to add extra storage in a small bedroom. Some fitted wardrobes go right across the bed creating more storage space for your accessories. Similarly, you may install fitted desk space to have a designated work station that you can simply close when you are done.

Airy, Light Hues

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The best way to maximize space in a small bedroom is by using softer hues. Nothing makes a bedroom stand out like white to elevate space and brightness. Go for shades like light-pinks, greys or creams that will make the room appear bigger. You may add color with accessories like bright cushions, vivid paintings, or dark furniture.


bedroom mirror
Adding mirrors or mirrored furniture accessories is a nifty way to reflect light. It makes small bedrooms feel much bigger and brighter. Don’t be afraid to have as many mirrors as you can – the more the better. Bring in floor-length styles, small rounded ones on dressers, and even wall mirrors to hang all over for no reason but that the room looks brighter.

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