15 Latest Garden Trends 2019


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15 Garden Trends For 2019

Every person wants a fresh, beautiful, lively environment in front of his garden-yard. It does not matter if a person has their independent bungalow or living in an apartment, we should always try to incorporate some forms of gardening in our place to create lively and fresh surroundings. Gardens not only make our place aesthetically appealing but through nature, we can easily get connected with our inner peace.
The importance of Sustainable development has brought about many changes to our lifestyle which is often associated with the environment and precisely to our garden. Many homeowners nowadays take an interest in an innovative form of gardening. Gardening trends keep changing rapidly; earlier it was leaning towards fire pit and living wall, every year certain plant variety and tricks stand out. Let’s see what gardening trends 2019 is leaning towards.

1. Houseplants

Houseplants could be used in a variety of ways since houseplants reflect the Aura & Vibes of peace. Even though Houseplant is not a new trend but many beautiful houseplants get into the trend every year. A beautiful trend of bonsai which has been developed from an Ancient Chinese horticulture practice is still in the use as a great alternative to succulents.

Garden design - Houseplants
Ferns are being used as houseplants, which purify the air, adds texture and color making your place feel cozy and fresh. However, If you are planning to keep houseplants, always make sure and choose the houseplant that has a greater chance of survival in your respective surroundings and environment.

2. Climate Changing Garden

Cold climate gardening
Global warming has resulted in extreme weather conditions, which has given birth to gardening for climate change; An expert horticulturist is familiar with the fact that proper climate-responsive gardening has an immense potential to combat undesirable climate effects on its own but in subtle ways. You can take simple measures in order to create climate responsive gardening such as incorporating backyard solutions, planting a canopy creating trees for maximum absorption of carbon dioxide, choosing the correct kind of trees and plants according to the soil type that would even resist in the weather extremities, an optimum saving of water resources. People are planting such plants that are right for the condition and ones that can cope with the weather.

3. Plants out of the plastic bottle and glass vessels

Plastic Plant pots
Plastic-free life is the main focus in sustainable development, you can always re-use the plastic bottles as pots in your garden, one can also make use of plastic bottle plants in kitchen gardening, vertical gardening. You can create much creative design and cuttings in plastic pots for different purposes. For hanging plants, you need to cut one side, fill in with compost and seeds.

4. Eco Gardening

One way your gardening can contribute to eco- friendly living is switching to biodegradable plant pots made of a material such as coconut shells, rice husk, etc. These are going straight into the compost when not needed anymore. Going for eco-friendly plants, and materials.

green roof
A green roof is one of the most unique eco-gardening strategies which is creating a thin layer of vegetation over the roof that provides natural insulation from excessive heat and cold to your buildings & at the same time makes proper usage of rainwater for vegetation.

5. Vertical Gardening

verticle garden
This trend is still fresh, and people are preferring this more and more. Vertically gardening is ideal for urban space or office space to bring in some liveliness and freshness. Vertical gardening is specifically the best idea for gardening where a lesser place is a major concern.

6. Low Walling

Backyard garden ideas
Low walls are basically created to act a partition between two landscape space, low walls can also be used for creative seating and beautiful backyard spaces for spending relaxed timing in the embrace of nature. Creating wall or separation in your garden space adds a structure and complexity further they also double as a seating area. This is one of the unique landscaping ideas to be implemented.

7. Hybrid Plants

hybrid plants
if you are looking to develop a unique sense of gardening style try hybrid plants or just plants with some interesting foliage, these types of plants create a visual appeal. Hybrid plants are basically the product of two different plants resulting in much unique colorful appeal to their flowers and leaves.

8. Kitchen Gardening

kitchen gardening
An evergreen gardening trend, perfect for those who love plants, herbs and greens like lettuce can be easily grown in your kitchen. Vegetable gardening is also one good option for the kitchen garden. different types The make your cooking area look and feel pretty.

9. The anywhere Garden

Small garden
The desire to the garden is increased tremendously among people; however, the condition, climate, soil or light may limit their option especially if you are living in an apartment or condo. However, this demand was met by introducing bushes, small – space fruit, or vegetable plant and shrubs that can survive in a container.

10. Minimalism

garden fountain
A beautiful minimalist garden can be created by using the proper utilization of space in a simple manner. This trend has even touched gardening; people are looking for a clutter-free and simple garden style. This type of garden brings in peace and a sense of comfort. The usage of small water bodies and spaces is always welcomed in creating a minimalist garden.

11. Technology and Garden

garden equipment
Increase In garden trends has given birth to robotic lawn movers and apps to activate them. Technologies like self- watering plant pots are one of the coolest gardening innovations.

12. Shrubs

Shrubs grow into some of the most visually pleasing plants in forms of delicate flowers. Usage of shrubs is not bound by any limits in gardening, various motives such as providing private backyard spaces, adding various garden themes can also be fulfilled with creating delicate shrubbery gardens. Shrub gardens are versatile; it adds a different dimension to your garden. They are colorful and illuminate the surrounding.

13. Lighting

Natural lighting is one of the most important factors for creating a healthy garden space, natural lighting and ventilation is essential for the proper growth of plants as well as for indoor garden space. Element such as pergola lighting, colorful skylights can elevate the stunning look of an outdoor garden. Lighting plays a vital role in your garden; You can always prefer the use of lighting to enhance a feature, use colorful lights to transforms the ambiance.

14. DIY Greenhouse

 greenhouse garden
If you are hesitant about investing in the pre-made greenhouse, opt for a DIY greenhouse kit that can be self-assembled and accessorized with shelving and waterproof floors. A home-made greenhouse is a good option for planets that need specific kinds of temperature and climatic conditions for sustaining.

15. Go Bold

beautiful garden
This season it is time to go bold and include plants with large leaves and flashing colors into your garden. Bold garden plants can awaken the sense of exoticness & vibrant plants can add up a striking appearance to your garden space.

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